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At Flowrich Capital, we offer access to several funding options for your small business. Read on to find the right fit for your business needs, whether it's a Business Loan or Merchant Cash Advance.

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Flowrich Capital Helps Get More Applicants "Approved."

We think it’s best to know exactly where you stand. With our business loans you remit back a fixed amount each business day. Because of that you’re able to know exactly where you stand. We’re all about making the math simple and transparent.

If you prefer the certainty of a Small Business Loan, which offers a maturity date and fixed daily payment amounts, then this choice might be right for you.

We can help you access the business financing options you need, today.

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MCAs are different than a loan – with an MCA you remit back via a fixed percentage of your daily sales. This option tends to be for businesses whose sales fluctuate depending on the day, month or whether your cashier called in sick. Again.

With a Merchant Cash Advance your business sells a portion of its future credit and debit card sales. Our business-friendly, daily remittance structure allows you to remit more on busy days and less when things are slow.

We’re in the business of getting you cash fast, without the red tape.

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  • Get Started In a Few Simple Steps

    • Simple Application

      The Application Process is very simple. To qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance all you need to do is fill out our simple application.

    • Minimum Documentation

      Merchant Cash Advance Programs require minimal Documentation that most Businesses should have on hand.

    • Fast Funding

      In most cases businesses can receive their Merchant Cash Advance in as little as 1 – 2 Business Days.

    • Flexible Remittances

      Merchant Cash Advance Programs can be remitted back in multiple ways. A Split on Credit Card Receivables, Daily or Weekly ACH.